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Hello, im candy im 18 still in highschool i love talking very naughty on the phone and having a little fun.So cum be my sugar daddy youll never get hotter phonesex then with me...

Thursday, September 13, 2007



Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Hello my hotties,
Today is MONDAY! Yay my boyfriends back in town
and its so slow where the hell are all my guys at :(
arnt you horney for my tight little pussy ::Hehe::
Well school was hard and long today just like
substitute that taught our class taday. I never had so
much fun in english class before watching him walk
back and forth around the room all hour. Trust me and
i never paid attention in English before. I can tell my
boyfriend was getting jealous by the way he was
staring at me. After class my boyfriends jealousie
got the best of him as he pulled me into an empty
class room and fucked every one of my holes.
but it doesn't end ther my hotties! after my boyfriend
left i was in the empty classroom i was putting my
panties back on and the hot and well hung substitute
walked in. The moment after eyes connected he walked
over to me and ripped my panties off and began to fuck
me in my cum filled asshole. For the rest of the day my
ass hurt so much i couldn't sit lol can one of my hotties
please cum lick my aching asshole.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hello my hotties,

Its monday and thers nothing to do! Im so freakin bored
im taking my Phone sex calls but it seems thers no one calling! lol
where the hell is everyone tonight huh? take me with you hehe
well someone that i really care about called me tonight and
they were so fucked up on coke and it really made me sad! i
now its fun to pary and have a good time and all but when it

Comes down to someone i care about i guess its not that cool!
and right now im really mad at him! and very hurt because he
kept telling me no im sober as if im a idiot! Guys i may be
blonde but im not a idiot! Now i will admit i've done my share
of partying myself but nothing like what he as done tonight :(
and your prolly wondering why is she talking about this on her
blog. Well i like to write about everything that goes on in my

life. I guess wrighting kinda helps me a little bit oh i made
another pod cast. I really dont like making that alot because
mabe you'll get sick of hearing them lol. Where the fuck are
all those boys at tonight huh? Are you sleeping? whats going on.
did i ever tell you guys im a huge fan of CSI MIAMI? well i am
its because Eric Delko is so fucking hot! OMG i would fuck the
hell out of him! and make him cum so fucking hard inside me

Yummy i guess now im ranting hahah oh well you love it!
i have to give a shout out to my new little toy name
danny! hehe i think he's scared of me :) i got him off
the other nite and made him Cum really hard
and i also made him really weak to the point he went on my
wishlist and send me a email gift certificate :) because he
couldnt controll himself over me by the way thank you danny.

I love making little boys like him very weak! and controlling
ther little minds hehe just to get what i want ;) I guess you
can say somtimes i like being in controll but most of the time
i love with a man controlls me and makes me do whatever he wants
me to do. Im weak myself when it comes to really dominate men
well im off to Phone sex Ttyl hotties mmmwwahhh!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Hello my hotties

Well today is friday wooohooo and im sooooo fucked up lol
your lucky im typing ok how messed up is that? Well i took
the bitch test and it ends up im really not a bitch at all
lol, Infact im a goody goody :) ok i have to jazz that up
a lil im a freaky goody goody! well since im really not in
a typing position im just going to go to bed :( and i promise
to write somthing hotter tomorow... love ya Candy

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Hello my hotties,

Well its now thursday and not to much going on tonight exept
tomorrow is friday woohoo!. I get to go partying and get all
doll'd up for some hot ass guys or girls depends on my mood
tomorow. Did i tell you i went to suki's to get my Pussy
all nice and waxed.

Guys for some reason i really really get so horny i dont no why
but my Clit just goes crazy in my panties :) Omg guys
did you see the new ninja turtles movie coming out? Don't it look
so adorable hehe. Hint guys candy really wants to go see it *wink wink*


yes im a very big fan of kid movies. But i have been known to give a few
Blow jobs in the back of the theater *giggles* yes for all you
boys i did Swallow (gulps) Anyways
lets see do i have any callers to talk about? HMMM Oh oh oh
well i found oscar! He called me lastnite and hotties he must
not be my blog fan :( because he hasnt been reading it to know
i've been looking for him. But other then that i dont think

I have anyone els to write about at this time. You now how
much i love talking about my caller of the day in my blog.
I guess no one has made that much of a impression on me hehe.
Well i got my gifts in the mail from daddy larry and ther so
pretty i love them and my pillows are so soft. Guys how cool
is it that daddy larry bought me pillows and blanket that
Candy is going to be wrapping her sexy body
in everynight before i go to sleep? I might even be Nude

Well im off to do Naughty Phone sex and make my hotties cum all
over themself.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello my hotties,
God i fucken hate boys who message you you and say how they want to be
Wallet raped and when i tell him to go buy me something and they checken out and sign off! Boys dont message a girl if your not serious because your just a waste of time. I got better things to do then have you bullshit around for 15 minutes HELLO! as i would normally say GO LICK A FUCKING DICK BITCH! hahaha!!

I think im feeling a little Dominate tonight.
and im very submissive! But not tonight hehe :) Let me tell you this i may be very Submissive but im a tottall bratty DOM because i always get what i want or i dont stop till i do. Well its so late and im getting so tierd and im so horney too since my boyfriends at home i guess ill just have to finger myself how sad is that?

HAHA but hes at home sleeping for work yes hotties he older then me * wink wink * i love
older men :) ther amazing in bed and they can hold out way longer! You no i've only dated someone my age one time and said forget that i want me a older man. I got one YAY! and our sex is so fucking hot he leaves me shaking because it was so good. Fuck im so hory now well im going to go finger and im off to sleepy's all alone :( you should cum join me ;) it will be fun hehe im naked under the covers woohoo! nite hotties!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Well what did i do today? i went to the mall with some friends to buy
some hot new clothes for school. Well i bought this new hot jeen skirt
by baby phat and its the hottest with a pink belly shirt to match one
of my hotties bought it for me hehe :) me and my girlfriends looked so
hot at the mall ther were so many guys drooling because they wanted
some of this. And dont get me started on the old dirty perverts i like to
sit at the food courts and spread my legs while i ware a minni skirt to all
this dirty old perverts hahahah. I no im such a tease arn't i but you no
you love it.

Lets see what els did i do? Oh yea i had to stop my sukies and get all
fresh! You no boys i had to get all waxed *legs*pussy*eye brows*
and my nails filled. Its very expensive being me thats why i need
sugar daddys.

Well im off to phone sex because we all no what a big phone slut
i am :)

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hey hotties,

I know i havent wrote in sooo long but this is my new blog
and i keep up on this on daily and i will also wrighting back
on this one too. I have just been so busy and i have missed you
all and thank you all for the emails asking when am i going to
write in my blog again! well im back and head over to my new site
and take a look its soo pretty, well see you ther

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